Hpv 16 and colon cancer. Human papillomavirus and colon cancer Discover the world's research, Hpv colon cancer risk

Infecţia cu virusul HPV şi riscul de cancer

The article has been retracted The article has been retracted The article has been retracted Corresponding author: The article has been retracted 2. Mures Z. Pávai, T. Füle, E.

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Horváth, M. Máthé, Zs. Pap, L.

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Denes, J. Although this proportion in lower than those reported in the literature, our work signals the existence of the infection in our country and presents a relatively cheap diagnostic method. Early gastric carcinoma diagnosed on endobiopsic and surgical specimens Maria-Sultana Mihailovici, M.

Danciu, Luminita Ivan, D.

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Ferariu Early gastric carcinoma EGC is difficult to diagnose without a screening program. In hpv 16 and colon cancer study, we reveal the importance of endobiopsy in EGC diagnosis. Material and methods.

hpv 16 and colon cancer scorțișoară în tratamentul paraziților

We examined multiple gastric endobiopsies from patients with or without symptoms and endoscopical aspect for gastric carcinoma. Histological sections were stained using current techniques: Hematoxylin-Eosin, trichromic van Gieson, Giemsa for Helicobacter pylori and Alcian blue, pH 1 and 2. We used Laurén histological classification with two main types of gastric carcinoma: intestinal and diffuse. From gastric endobiopsies, we diagnosed gastric carcinoma in patients The additional endobiopsies fragments presented chronic atrophic gastritis with H.

EGC had an incidence of 0.

Human papillomavirus and colon cancer Discover the world's research, Hpv colon cancer risk

Both histological types - intestinal and diffuse, were present in EGC, associated with H. The presence of dysplasia recommends the endoscopical surveillance of these patients.

Predictive parameters for advanced neoplastic adenomas and colorectal cancer in patients with colonic polyps - a study in a tertiary medical centre in the South-West region of Romania Sevastița Iordache, A. Săftoiu, T. Ciurea, Claudia Valentina Georgescu, Mirela Ghiluşi Although many papers had described the role of colorectal adenomas and the risk for colon cancer, there is a lack of data about epidemiological factors, the histological type, the pit-pattern and type of polyps in Romania.

Hpv 16 and colon cancer Infectious Diseases A-Z: HPV vaccination guidelines to prevent cervical cancer enterobius vermicularis behandeling În ceea ce privește infecția cu virusul HPV la bărbați, aceștia sunt mult mai predispuși la infectare pe cale orală, prin sex oral neprotejat. La bărbat negii au localizare frecventa pe partea superioara a organului genital, pe suprafața scrotului sau anusului. Bărbații constituie un rezervor al virusului, atât prin patologia benignă cât și malignă asociată cu virusul HPV.

In polypoid adenomas the risk of malignant transformation is well known, and is increasing over time with size and villous architecture. In this paper, we evaluate the predictive parameters that allowed us to establish a correlation between the macroscopical aspect and histological architecture of adenomas in our geographical area South-West region of Romania. Two predictive parameters of cancer characterize early neoplastic lesions: their size and their surface elevation elevated, flat or depressed.

The morphology of adenomas and multiplicity of polyps also have a prognostic value. In our study, the main localization of polyps was in the left colon, while the main histological type was tubulo-villous adenomas. We consider that the significant parameters for dysplasia and malignant lesions are the size of lesions, multiplicity of polyps and villous architecture.

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Diagnosis problems in a case of minimal deviation adenocarcinoma of the cervix Cristiana Simionescu, Claudia Valentina Georgescu, Cl. Mărgăritescu, Mihaela Niculescu We present the diagnostic problems in a case of minimal deviation adenocarcinoma of the cervix. Histopathologic exam of the tumor, made on serial sections, revealed a dense and profound proliferation of the glandular structures that were lined by endocervical type epithelia with minimal cellular and nuclear atypia.

The aspect suggested the diagnosis of minimal deviation adenocarcinoma endocervical type; in order to confirm the diagnosis we immunohistochemical investigate the tumor for CEA, CA, Ki67, ER and PR.

Prevenirea cancerului de col uterin - vaccin contra infectiei cu HPV

We can conclude that all these markers are useful in the diagnosis, excluding the benign endocervical lesions. Angiogenesis and tumor grading in primary breast cancer patients: an analysis of needle core biopsies S. Vameşu Angiogenesis, the formation of new blood vessels from a hpv 16 and colon cancer vascular bed, is a complex multistep process. To investigate how tumor angiogenesis correlates with tumor grading in breast carcinoma diagnosed on core biopsy, microvessels were counted and graded the density of microvessels within the initial invasive carcinomas of patients.

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Using light microscopy, the number of microvessels was counted manually in a subjectively selected hot spot in the most active areas of neovascularization per x fieldand their values were separated as above or below median low and highwithout knowledge of the outcome in the patient or any other pertinent variable. When tumors were classified as high or low MVD, based on a cut-off value Assessment of tumor angiogenesis may therefore prove valuable in selecting patients with early breast carcinoma for aggressive therapy.

Diagnostic si Tratament "Dr. Tatiana Carata Dejoianu Medic specialist Epidemiologie Medic specialist Medicina generala Cancerul de col uterin o boala ce poate afecta femeile de orice varsta.

Histochemical and histopathological study of the gastric mucosa in the portal hypertensive gastropathy Alina-Cătălina Drăghia It has been studied 'in situ' the action of NADH2-cytochrome C reductase, an aerobe oxidative enzyme, in comparison to lactate dehydrogenase, a glycolitic enzyme in the gastric mucosa and with portal hypertensive gastropathy PHG accompanied by morpho-pathological observations. In the normal gastric mucosa, the aerobe oxidative metabolism is predominant over the anaerobe one in all types of cells, but in different intensities medium in the surface epithelium and low in the vascular endothelium, weak, medium, intense and very intense in fibroblasts and in secretory cells of fundic glands and macrophages.

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In the portal hypertensive gastropathy, this type of metabolism decreases and the anaerobe metabolism increases, tending to equal the first, especially in the glandular cells. The oxidative activity decreases in the surface epithelium and in the vascular endothelium, increases in cells of the inflammatory infiltrate and in fibroblasts and mast cells.

Radiological and microscopic aspects of the denticles V. Deva, L. Mogoantă, H.

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