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Evidence on the neural crest origin of PEComas A. The histogenesis of PEComas is one of the most mysterious aspects of pathology. Hypothesis on its precursor are many, including a cell from blood vessel walls or the myoblast.

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In the current report, we review many morphologic, clinical, ultrastructural, molecular and genetic aspects that support the hypothesis of an origin of PEComas from the neural crest. Morphological identification of neuron types in the rat hippocampus T.

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Pavai The cerebral cortex ensures an optimal interaction of mammals, including humans, with their environment, by encoding, storing and combining information about the surrounding world and the internal milieu. Probably the simplest and the most popular region for studying the cortical network is the hippocampal CA1 area, because it has the least heterogeneous neuronal population, the somata and dendrites of principal neurons pyramidal cells are arranged into well defined layers and the extrinsic and intrinsic inputs are segregated.

Papillary urothelial cell proliferation relatively homogeneous pyramidal cell population is supported by a very heterogeneous GABAergic interneuron population, which provides not only general inhibition, but also regulates the precise timing of pyramidal cell activity.

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Interneurons usually innervate distinct domains of the surface of their target cell. The strategic placement of inhibitory synapses, indicate that GABAergic interneurons belonging to different classes serve distinct functions in the hippocampal network. Neuron types are usually defined according to various morphological, molecular and physiological features.

Under typical experimental conditions only some of these parameters are available, therefore an important scientific question is: which partial measures are sufficient for correct recognition of a class of cell. By immunohistochemistry it is possible to stain all neurochemically identical neurons in a given brain region, therefore it is the most widely used method for identifying neuron classes.

This review presents the neuron types identified so far in the area CA1 of the rat hippocampus with special emphasis on the immunocytochemical characterization of these cells. Man COPD is a disease characterized by inflammation both in its stable phase and during exacerbations. Inflammation is present in the respiratory compartment, the inflammatory cells and different mediators of inflammation being present.

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Studies have shown that some mediators of inflammation have a high level at systemic level also, inducing a certain grade of systemic inflammation, mainly responsible for the systemic manifestation of the disease. It seems that the both local and the systemic inflammation are amplified during exacerbations.

Recent Advances in the Management of Urothelial Carcinomas

The purpose of this paper is to review the respiratory inflammatory reaction, to identify the main actors involved in the stable phase of the disease and during exacerbations, the systemic inflammation accompanying the local inflammation, and to find the possible interrelations between the systemic and local inflammation, on one hand, and the respiratory and extra-respiratory manifestations of COPD on the other hand.

The understanding of the pathogenic mechanisms, which stay at the base of inflammation and of the possible interrelations shown, represents a theoretical interest and also a practical one, concerning the targets of different therapeutic agents which could be used in the management and in the control of the disease.

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Clinico-pathological correlations in fatal ischemic stroke. An immunohistochemical study of human brain penumbra D.

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Arsene, Florina Vasilescu, C. Toader, Adina Balan, C. Popa, Carmen Ardeleanu Ischemic stroke is one of the most frequent pathologies with high invalidating potential and a leading cause of death. The brain tissue adjacent to the central necrotic core, defined as penumbra, was extensively characterized mostly by imaging techniques and in animal models. Our goal was to identify a large panel of molecules in this particular area on human brains harvested at autopsy.

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Twenty-one patients with ischemic stroke and seven control cases were taken into study. We used immunohistochemistry to characterize necrotic lesions. Metalloproteinases, mostly MMP-9, seem to be involved in brain ischemia, but as a protective and not as a deleterious factor.

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Apoptotic molecules are not increasingly expressed in stroke compared to control cases. Mast cell enzymes chymase and tryptase are described for the first time in neurons and papillary urothelial cell proliferation, even with unclear significance. Microglia appears active in stroke and stimulating methods directed to it could be useful. Nitric oxide synthases and cyclooxygenase-2 were also involved in stroke cases but not in control ones.

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Animal study of papillary urothelial cell proliferation and human tissue findings are distinct and research should be focused on the latter approach in order to find valuable and safe therapeutic methods. Ditescu, V.

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Gheorghita, E. Crauciuc, Irina-Draga Caruntu Cyclooxygenase 2 COX-2 regulates the prostaglandins production and it seems to have a role in the onset and progression of different malignant tumors, being overexpressed in numerous human malignancies and premalignant conditions.

Some cellular elements from chronic inflammatory processes, together with stromal cells may be involved in neoplastic transformation of proliferative stem cells and in the process of tumor invasion. Cervical carcinoma, as a commonly pattern of different tumors, can express COX-2 in association with glutathione-S-transferase isoenzymes and can be considered as possible molecular targets in antitumoral therapy.

Immunostains with COX-2 antibodies were performed on formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded tissue sections from 20 cervical biopsies: 10 with LSIL histopathologic diagnosis and 10 with HSIL histopathologic diagnosis.

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